RAINBOW SIX SIEGE FAILS: #69 (Rainbow Six Siege Random Moments)

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Welcome back to episode 69 of Rainbow Six Siege Fails! In this series we take your funniest submissions and transform them with high-quality editing into the greatest community montages on YouTube. Each episode takes over 15 hours to edit and we’re constantly working on improving to ensure we only upload the highest quality videos. We hope you’ll enjoy this episode and be sure to let us know in the comments what you thought of it!

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NewRedemption01: http://bit.ly/2LUTJVk
AVENGERS_HERO: http://bit.ly/38DPJlO
AvI-Rokushiki: http://bit.ly/34mY3mz
BanJared: http://bit.ly/2YPYsfT
BTLG.Fox: http://bit.ly/2EetO6y
Ca11m3Raven: http://bit.ly/35mLUz9
ChVr1560: http://bit.ly/36xOWAS
Gibberish.TMCB: http://bit.ly/38jdY8q
Killer4TheWolf: http://bit.ly/2EjUvGW
hankaferg: http://bit.ly/2RTlIbu
I_am_a_cool_kid: http://bit.ly/2RTcrQW
J0cTe: http://bit.ly/2Pjwoi2
GreenhawkStudios: http://bit.ly/2ZCdNka
CK Grunt: http://bit.ly/2rCCFfT
RoamingDoggo420: http://bit.ly/36BCQa4
Minilammas: http://bit.ly/2PjKwq8
SpaceCookie01: http://bit.ly/2LRQDkz
TaCtICaL-_-Tj: http://bit.ly/35o1tqi
rufrederic: http://bit.ly/2sqtFKD
kyleotero: http://bit.ly/2D98ZZI
PinqR6: http://bit.ly/38y8JC9
Gaming with Doggyninja: http://bit.ly/36x1ngn
HazaChillzOut: http://bit.ly/2PkhMPu
I_brownbeast_I: http://bit.ly/35l6q37
Mesoscale92: http://bit.ly/2RSllhB
SwiftyGangster: http://bit.ly/38NI0Se
TheONLYBlitz: http://bit.ly/2PPJsdU
Sickplaya707: http://bit.ly/34kg3Op
RouterDeath: http://bit.ly/2rAkKGB
ubey: http://bit.ly/36D3i2K
TheAMAIZING99: http://bit.ly/2YS2eWq
StrictlySiege: http://bit.ly/38x0BBI
Vesu102: http://bit.ly/36Bwbww
FearlessMailbox: http://bit.ly/38Ao30V
Vitor: http://bit.ly/2qNUQP0
mgomez12: http://bit.ly/36BwyqU
Rayair: http://bit.ly/2qT84dx
Txagbq16: http://bit.ly/2snEw8j
XpeeN: http://bit.ly/2srjjKu
Yeet0099: http://bit.ly/2rL6MBH
zrcsgfx: http://bit.ly/2sqUZsl
YourDeath2712: http://bit.ly/2MxLUpd
Rbts11: http://bit.ly/2LU6vTW
LitteralSIZEgt: http://bit.ly/35olDAz
kawzik: http://bit.ly/36Bbv7G
GeraldtheLion: http://bit.ly/35n8JD0
SlayRidller: http://bit.ly/2EjbqJK
Phisical Dru: http://bit.ly/38E67CJ
Spoah: http://bit.ly/2spnxCo
TwitchOneGuy: http://bit.ly/2PmGq1Q
cam_isnt_real: http://bit.ly/35mLQzp

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