Beautiful line, just beautiful | Transport Fever 2 gameplay #18

We’re into the 20th century and another new passenger route is calling. Nothing wrong with another passenger line. We like passenger lines right? Especially when it’s as dramatic as this one.Transport Fever 2 gameplay with a beautiful passenger line.

Keep reading! This is where I put an easter egg in every video! It definitely isn’t exactly the same every single time. No. Secrets are shared below. You should click on all the links to ensure you don’t miss the secrets (*).

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(*) – Today’s secret: Yes yes, the stats. Now, normally I’d go with views, but given that it’s launch week that wouldn’t prove anything, so let’s take a look at click-through-rate. That’s what percentage of the time do people click on it if it appears on YouTube anywhere, for any viewers. Channel-wide I average between 3.5 and 4.5% – which is okay. Over 10% is godlike, under 3% is terrible. So…
Ep 15 (no text) : 4.7%
Ep 16 (no text) : 5.8%
Ep 17 (no text) : 6.9%
Camera tutorial (text) : 2.7% (!)
Ep 14 (text – Improving Production) : 4.5%
Ep 13 (text – Freight Hub) : 5.3%

So, what’s the verdict? Too soon to say for certain. My videos always perform strongly in the first couple of days as subscribers respond to new stuff. However, it’s definitely no worse than normal!

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