Expert Pirate Shows Off New Base, Expertly | ATLAS private server multiplayer

Obviously everything goes perfectly to plan when nobody is watching. This, not one of those times. Today we’re heading out from Port Miggins to the Western Hazmat Trench for a tour of the Overlook Salvage Company’s base-in-progress, a mere stone’s throw away from the worst place in the world. This is ATLAS, played on a private multiplayer server.

It looks like fun, doesn’t it?

You could join in by joining Bad Company. You can do that by pressing the JOIN button and then having a rummage for some piddling small change down the back of the server. Or you could head to and splash out even fewer coin-shaped nuggets for a high-seas worth of multiplayer entertainment.

Keep reading! This is where I put an easter egg in every video! It definitely isn’t exactly the same every single time. No. Secrets are shared below. You should click on all the links to ensure you don’t miss the secrets (*).

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(*) – Today’s secret: Genuinely didn’t know about water tanks until reading the wiki after I’d placed it and it looked good. “Meh,” I said, “It looks good. Stuff it.”

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