Do not say hello to the target | Thief Simulator funny gameplay

Did I just describe this as funny gameplay? Yes. Sorry about that. It is though. It made me laugh, and I knew the gags that were coming. Gotta count for something. This is Thief Simulator! One may utilise this simulator to become adept at the art of the blag, the home invasion and the seamlessly blending in to the background.

I got the key to this game for gratis on the understanding I’d make video(s). This is a video. Is it an endorsement of the game? Does it look like I had fun? Does it look like the kind of game you might enjoy? Make up your own mind. I’m not going to tell you what to think – I’m not Jim Sterling.

It’s also worth noting that none of the music used in this video is in the game. I added it to give more flavour. It’s quite a subtle gag. The original tunes all belong to the artists that recorded them, or their record company, or whichever legal entity owns the piece of paper stating that they’re the big dog. I’m using them here because I like em. If that lands me in copyright pokey, so be it.

Here are some things you might find interesting. You might not. I’m not going to judge you for finding things interesting or not. Or will I?

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